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Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event full of memories; the laughter, the tears and the warm tender moments.

My goal is to capture and preserve the moments and emotions surrounding you as you declare your love and promise to one another.
Howie-1-5689Howie-1-5643Howie-1-5554Howie-1-5500Nelson Phillips WeddingNelson Phillips WeddingNelson Phillips WeddingSperl-S-2946Sperl-S-2832Sperl-T-2522Sperl-S-2727Sperl-T-2393Sperl-T-2357Sperl-S-2649Sperl-S-2605Sperl-S-2548Sperl-S-2496-EditSperl-S-2422Jessica & Erik's WeddingJessica & Erik's Wedding