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By Caroline V. McGraw Directed By Natalie Scarlett

“…a dark comedy about sex, death, accessories, city life, friendship and lipstick.” –Playbill

The pages of Crimp magazine are filled with idealized women. The editorial offices are filled with something quite different – reality. Maybe if it’s beautiful, life with chemo won’t hurt.
Molly McGuire Danielle
Teal Jandrain Tiffany
Shannon Nicole Light Lee
Kayla Ibarra Autumn/Model
Nick Holland Kit
Trent Sawyer Seth/Some Dude

Denise Burson Freestone Production Manager
Roxanne Storlie Costume Designer
Cathleen Marr Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Bruce K. Freestone Production Manager
Mercedes Gil Sound Designer/Sound Engineer/Sound Board Operator
Michael Gorgan Properties Designer
David Grinnell Lighting Designer/Master Electrician
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