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Performed by Open Stage Theatre company Fort Collins, CO

The games of skilled liars fascinate us. When paired with wild, physical humor, they represent the work of Molière at his best. Scapin – servant, clown and expert schemer – dabbles in the drama of the family he serves. As he conspires to bring two pairs of young lovers together, his scheming builds until his bag of tricks bursts at the seams with uproarious results. Inspired by the classical clowning of Commedia dell’Arte and the hilarity of traditional French farce, playwrights Irwin and O’Donnell resurrect this timeless masterpiece with a twist of modern comedy and a dash of contemporary language.

Cast: Mike Largent ~ Scapin Ben Hilzer ~ Sylvestre Kiernan Angley ~ Octave Jason Karcz ~ Leander Bennie Palko ~ Zerbinette HollyAnn Bruns ~ Hyacinth Greg Clark ~ Geronte James Valone ~ Argante Molly McGuire ~ Nerine Jacob Offen ~ George/Pianist