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Journey to the West
By Mary Zimmerman
Directed By Peter Anthony

Fantasy and humor underscore a brazenly imaginative, soaring adventure, which follows the journey of Buddhist monk, Tripitaka, and his boisterous band of heavenly exiles, as they traverse a thousand mountains and ten thousand waters in search of sacred scrolls that hold the keys to immortality. Based on true accounts recorded in the classic 16th century Chinese novel, the pilgrims endure eighty-one ordeals, both human and mystical in nature, in order to bring enlightenment to the world and, ultimately, themselves.

Cast: Dan Muth ~ Monkey King (Sun Wukong) Jacob Offen ~ Tripitaka Steven P. Sickles ~ Pig (Bajie) Brien Fletcher ~ Sha Monk Tomily Z. Munir ~ Buddha (and others) Steve Wright ~ Jade Emperor Cory Garcia ~ Moksa (and others) Ann Russell Whiteman ~ Subodhi/Mr. Gao/Grandmother (and others) Steven G. Fox ~ Yama, Lord of the Underworld (and others) Greg Clark ~ Dragon King/Tang Emperor (and others) Nicole Gawronski ~ Dragon Queen (and others) Marina Reiko ~ Death Girl/Peach Girl/Spider Woman (and others) Shannon Nicole Light ~ Death Girl/Peach Girl/Princess Sravasti (and others) Kori Wilford ~ Death Girl/Peach Girl/Green Orchid (and others) Corinne Wieben ~ Guanyin