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33 Variations
Performed by Open Stage Theatre
Directed by Peter Anthony
Costumes Designed by Roxanne Storlie

In 1819 Vienna, a music publisher wrote a waltz and sent it to fifty composers, asking each to contribute a variation. At first, Ludwig van Beethoven dismissed it as a cobbler's patch. But then he became obsessed with the waltz and ultimately wrote 33 variations. Why? That is the question that haunts musicologist Dr. Katherine Brandt as her own life crumbles around her. In a journey that spans 200 years, Moises Kaufman's Broadway hit is a sublime waltz between past and present, fact and speculation, art and life.

Brien Fletcher ~ Anton Diabelli, an Italian music publisher Marlin May~ Ludwig van Beethoven Jeremy Harmon ~ Mike Clark, a nurse Deb Note-Farwell ~ Dr. Gertrude Ladenburger, a librarian Ann Russell Whiteman ~ Dr. Katherine Brandt, a musicologist Nikki Tsuchiya ~ Pianist Jessica Emerling Crow ~ Clara Brandt