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Bullshot Crummond
Performed by Open Stage Theatre

A mad spoof of 1930's grade B detective movies, complete with spills, chills, evil arch enemies, a damsel in distress, and cliffhangers that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Bullshot Crummond tickles the funny bone with a hilarious mix of Sherlock Holmes, Austin Powers, and Maxwell Smart - all wrapped up in one blundering idiot.

Will Ferrie ~ Professor Rupert Fenton, Algy Longwort, A Country Policeman, A Waiter, Inspector Scabbard, Wolfgang Schmidt, Marovitch Teal Jandrain ~ Rosemary Fenton Ailie Holland ~ Lenya Von Bruno Justin Batson ~ Otto Von Bruno, Salvatore Scalicio Matthew Stalker ~ Bullshot Crummond
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