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Performed by Open Stage Theatre
Directed by Peter Anthony
Costume Designs by Roxanne Storlie & Rebecca Spafford

In 1791, they say, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died accusing a rival composer, Antonio Salieri, of having poisoned him. In 1823, they say, a desperate Salieri confessed to the murder on the last night of his life. Amadeus is the story of Salieri's war against God for making his music mediocre while favoring the vulgar Mozart as His divine instrument. Winner of the Tony Award for Best Play and the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Andrew Cole ~ Ensemble Al Dominguez ~ Giuseppe Bonno/Ensemble Shannon Nicole Light ~ Katherina Cavalieri/Ensemble Duane Sawyer ~ Venticelli Steven P. Sickles ~ Venticelli Con Woodall ~ Gottfried van Swieten Charlie Ferrie ~ Franz Orsini-Rosenberg Greg Clark ~ Johann Killian von Strack Bruce K. Freestone ~ Emperor Joseph II Lisa Rosenhagen ~ Constanze Weber Jonathan Farwell ~ Antonio Salieri Stetson Weddle ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart